Our Vision

Introduction to Alexander and Associates Enterprises

Our Vision

Alexander and Associates Enterprises (A & A Enterprises) is a LLC that provides a variety of products and services including but not limited to consultation services for both small and large companies. More specifically, we specialize in entertainment & education consulting for both profit and nonprofit organizations, personal shopping for working and busy professionals, event planning, theme hosted events, and entertainment for individuals, up and coming artists and/or small and large businesses. ​We provide the highest quality of services and products to our clients and customers.

The target customers for A&A Enterprises are individuals, sole proprietors, directors, project managers, educators, presidents or CEOs with 5 to 5,000 employees who want to increase productivity and address their service needs. Specifically, we specialize in consulting clients on a variety of services and products such as;

  • Proposal development 
  • Diversity training and climate assessment 
  • Nonprofit program development (e.g. campaign and marketing strategies, fundraising tactics, getting the most out of meetings, leadership) 
  • Entertainment & event development and implementation (e.g, venuelocation, event design and theme implementation event decor rentals)
  • Media content development (e.g.small business commercials and/or addevelopment, Podcast, etc),
  • Personal shopping and styling (e.g. interior and exterior home goods,wardrobe critique & updates, image consulting and personal stylingoptions)
  • Organic Happii Trees lifestyle products &/or services (e.g. Tree-shirts,accessories, aroma therapy, essential oils, themed events)
  • Other needs relevant to potential customers who serve in a management role within small or large organizations that may be bogged down by processes, bureaucracy, or technical experts with little leadership experience.

The goals of Alexander and Associates Enterprises (A&A Enterprises) are as follows:

  • To assure quality service products for our clients
  • To provide technical and business support to completion of project
  • To offer a fair and the best price for the services being delivered
  • To guarantee the work delivered by our professional team of consultants

Alexander and Associates Enterprises (A&A Enterprises) houses the following entities under its corporate umbrella:

  • WOW! Media & Productions
  • Knowledge League
  • B.G. Shoppers (personal shopping & styling services)
  • 2373 Ventures/Happii Trees